Why How to Get Away With Murder Star Karla Souza Refused to Strip Down for GQ Mexico

Karla Souza, star of ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder, graced the October cover of GQ Mexico, but the shoot almost didn’t happen, she told E! Online.

When GQ Mexico first approached Karla, they wanted to do a lingerie shoot. Karla said no, that she didn’t want to do “the bra and panties on a bed thing.” It took GQ a year to agree to feature her wearing something other than lingerie.

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“I wanted sophisticated, fancy, nice and beautiful and sexy, but not that,” she said. “After a year, they were like, ‘OK!’ Luckily, they said yes to bathing suits and things I felt more comfortable in.”​


As you can see, Karla appears on the cover wearing a bustier and bikini bottom, and she said she couldn’t be happier with the final results. “At the beginning of my career, I did a magazine cover where they gave me boobs that I don’t have, a butt that I don’t have and a waist that I don’t have,” she told E! “I was appalled. It took me three years to ever be in a bikini again. I didn’t want people to do that to my body again … So GQ did nothing — literally nothing. It was great.”​

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