The Ring that 'Stylishly' Connects You to Your Phone at all Times

We’ve all heard about smart phones, but how about smart jewelry?

If you’re like most of us, then you know all about that anxious feeling you get when you’ve realized you forgot your phone at home or when you’re at the dinner table with a friend and you need to keep your phone in plain view for fear of missing an important call or text. You try so hard not to lack good phone etiquette, but these days, that has become very difficult to avoid.

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Enter Ringly: A first-of-its-kind wearable ring that stylishly connects you to your phone at all times. The ring was created by Christina Mercando, a woman who like us, got tired of both missing texts and calls and being embarrassed about always keeping her phone out on the table during dinner dates.


The Ringly ring connects to an iPhone or Android and alerts the wearer to incoming texts, calls, calendar alerts, or emails through vibration and light. When information is coming in, the ring vibrates and flashes a tiny light, so that the wearer can be notified of communication discreetly. The ring is also customizable to allows for notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, and  even Ebay. We can now finally put our phones away with peace of mind and stay connected without having to  be rude.

Ringly rings are beautifully crafted with 18K matte gold, using precious and semi-precious stones and are available in black onyx, pink sapphire, emerald, and rainbow moonstone. As of this week, they are now available for pre-order online at starting at $145. Learn more about Ringly by watching the video below! [The Cut]

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