How To Choose The Perfect Perfume

Wearing perfume is an art that extends far beyond smelling good. It not only gives us pleasure, but it creates feelings and memories.

Next time you go shopping for a new perfume, use our guide for finding a fragrance that will leave a mark in each person who  comes near you.

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Step 1

Try it: See if the perfume goes with your skin, you should try it in your neck or in the cuff of your arms and wait half an hour to see if the fragrance lasts.

Step 2

Choose your favorite type of fragrance. The most common ones are those with floral, fruity, spice or wood extracts.


Step 3

Be mindful of the evaporation. A perfume always smells best when it is first sprayed on the skin, but will it last throughout the day?

The next factor to take into consideration is the “environmental note,” which refers to the theory that the fragrance reveals itself after 10 minutes of on your skin (when a fragrance dries it smells different).

When testing a perfume, do not be carried away by the first pulse. Apply it on your wrist and let it evolve. After a while, you’ll discover all its features. Furthermore, you should take into account other factors such as the temperature or pH of the skin. This explains why maybe your friend has a perfume that you love on her, but not on you.

Step 4

Choose an intensity according to the occasion. Will the perfume be for everyday use or for parties at night, for workdays or for  dates?

The concentration method is helpful for helping you find a fragrance in 3 different intensities:

 Parfum: Contains the highest concentration of fragrance, between 17% and 25% of oils or essences. It lasts from 4 to 7 hours and is usually oilier, making it the most expensive version.

● Eau de parfum: Contains between 10% and 17% fragrance. It lasts from 3 to 5 hours and although it is the most common version on the market, not all brands offer it. It is ideal for the night.

● Eau de toilette: Contains between 5% and 10% concentration of fragrance and lasts from 2 to 4 hours. This version is more affordable and more common. It’s perfect for every day.

Cómo elegir el perfume perfecto


What’s your favorite perfume in your beauty arsenal?

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