Packing 101: How to pack


You arrive at your destination, you open your suitcase, and what do you find? A bunch of unnecessary clothes and missing the items you need. Follow these easy steps for packing light but right.   


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1. Suitcase over wheels. Try to pick a suitcase that has wheels since these are more practical and will prevent you from getting back pain.

2. Appropriate clothing. Pick versatile garments that match and can easily be combined for more options. This way you can repeat clothes without looking the same every time.

3. Pack the basics. Your destination’s weather dictates the type of clothes you should pack. However, it’s always a good idea to pack a bathing suit, a jacket, an informal dress, and a pair of jeans.

4. Optimize space. Inside each shoe, you can pack smaller things such as perfumes or belts. Remember to pack shoes in a separate bag to prevent it from staining your clothes.

5. Less is more.  Traveling kits  are very useful since you can pack a lot of stuff in a small space (toothbrush, traveling size shampoos, and lotions).

6. Learn to locate. Always start by putting the heavy stuff such as shoes at the bottom of the suitcase and near the wheels. This way, when you carry your suitcase around things won’t get squished nor moved.

7. Fold your clothes correctly.  Put your jeans and pants after the shoes at the bottom of the suitcase. If you roll the T-shirts, they will take up less space and get less wrinkles. The last thing to go in your suitcase must be the shirts. This way they won’t wrinkle as much.

8. Pack an empty bag. Don’t forget to pack a bag for your laundry.

9. Leave empty spaces. If you’re planning on shopping, make sure you remember to leave enough free space in your suitcase. You can also save space by only taking one versatile purse that matches with everything.

10. Just in case. Take valuables either on or in your carry-on bags.


So, tell us, where are you traveling to next?

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