15 Signs You’re Hispanic ¡Ay dios mío!

There’s nothing quite like being a Hispanic woman. Our lives are filled with reggeaton music, sunshine, and a little bit of flavor, or as we like to call it, sabor. We’ve come into the spotlight in recent years, with stars like Sofia Vergara making light of perceived stereotypes as Gloria on the award winning show, Modern Family. The truth is, while our fiery personalities and passionate nature make us unique, there are certain characteristics we all inevitably possess. If you see yourself in 3 or more of these, chances are, you’re Hispanic.


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1. You point with your lips
Need directions? Let your lips be your guide! Why bother pointing when pouting takes significantly less work and is just as accurate?


2. You are the loudest in your group without realizing
It’s not until someone has to bring your volume that your attention that you realize it was a problem to begin with. Sometimes you get caught up in the moment and speak with vigor. There’s nothing wrong with that—adelante!


3. You are the master of the to-go plate
Nothing to see here folks, just a perfectly crafted paper plate, paper towel, and aluminum foil creation that will allow me to leave here with enough pernil and cake to last till next week.

4. Spanish comes out when you’re angry
The Hulk is a fluffy bunny rabbit compared to a Hispanic woman on the rampage. As a general rule, steer clear whenever you hear a string of Spanish profanities.


5. You have a fully rigged kitchen, including a Ziploc bag filled with condiments and an olla filed with vegetable oil
After all, if you have extra ketchup and mustard from Wendy’s, or dare we say the coveted Taco Bell sauces, do you just throw that out? Of course not! You save those bad boys for a rainy day. Also, your mother taught you never to waste good cooking oil.


6. You greet people with a kiss on the cheek
An especially hard habit for you to break out of while traveling, and one that catches non-Hispanic people very much off guard.


7. A “small family gathering” has 50 or more people
By the time you’re done inviting your aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, grandparents, godparents, friends that are like family, and more, you already have a “basic” guest list of 50 or so people, which means most of your festivities are held in someone’s backyard. Specifically, the person on the aforementioned list with the nicest house.


8. You care more about Prince Royce than Price William
The same may not hold true for Prince Harry, who’s still a bachelor and got way cuter after his recent involvement with the Invictus Games, but generally, the only prince you really care about is—say it with me now—Rrrrroyce.

9. You know exactly how many Miss Universe titles your country of origin holds and occasionally brag about it
Okay, you brag about it all the time. Shamelessly. Hey, you can’t help it if your country of origin has good genes!


10. You eat lechon on special occasions
To some people, this may be appalling. To you, the mere thought of that pig roasting away all day long makes you salivate. You will join the mob of 50 or so family members who are waiting with their pitchforks (ahem) forks and knives, to hack away at ese pobre lechon.


11. You never went to sleepovers or overnight camp growing up
Hispanic parents are overprotective by nature, so if you are a girl, chances are you weren’t allowed to attend sleepover parties, though you could host your fill at home. But sleepover camp? Like go away for two whole months? Hahahaha! Your mom’s sides are still hurting from laughing so hard at the suggestion.


12. You know your American friends are scared of flan, but you bring it to potlucks anyway
Because it’s delicious, and you are not above eating the leftovers yourself.


13. You at one point experimented with a bob as a hairstyle and immediately regretted it
It didn’t take long for you to realize that as much as you dreamed of having pelo lacio, due to your curls/frizz, this was not a wise decision.


14. You are always running on Latin time
Do your friends have to tell you an event starts a half an hour to an hour earlier than it actually is because they anticipate that you will be late? If so, you’re probably running on what is infamously referred to as “Latin time.”


15. You can bust a move to everything from Uncle Al to Marc Anthony
Gloria Estefan was right—eventually, the rhythm is gonna get you. If you’re a Hispanic woman, it’s likely you can’t help but bust a move whenever rhythmic music comes on, from Pitbull to Celia Cruz!


Do these sound like you? If so, be proud! It’s great to be Hispanic. One thing is certain—your life will never be boring!


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