Walmart Pulls Offensive “Little Amigo” Costume Off Online Shelves

Halloween costumes are known for being sexist and racist, but one of Walmart’s child costumes is on another level.

Until today, the store was selling a “Little Amigo” child Halloween costume, which includes a sombrero (because all Mexicans wear sombreros), a stripe serape shirt and a mustache.

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“Let the Fiesta begin for your little one in our Little Amigo Costume!” reads the website details for the costume. “Dress like your favorite amigo!”

Thanks to an over pouring of digital backlash, Walmart has pulled the costume off it’s online shelves.

A rep for the retail giant told Refinery29 that the outfit, which was only available online, “was sold by a third-party marketplace seller and it obviously had no business at all being on our site.”

She also said that Walmart has a policy against selling products that “either portray, glorify or promote in an insensitive way … derogatory stereotyping based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or nationality” doesn’t apply to items for those under the age of 12.  We’re glad they no longer sell the costume, but did they really have to wait until the internet responded for them to do something about it?

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