Get Your First Look at Becky G. on ‘Empire’ Season 2

Becky G is ready to make her debut on the second season of Empire.

The singer will appear on the hit Fox show as Valentina.

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“Well, I play Valentina, and let’s just put it this way: they were calling me baby Cookie on set. I’m feisty. Like, the Becky G that’s right here and sweet and excited? Valentina is a totally different person,” Beck told Entertainent Weekly. “And that was so fun for me to play, because I love acting and I have yet to really pursue that until this opportunity came along and I felt in my gut that it was right and I just wanted to go for it. Then I showed up to set, met the cast, and learned so much from them.”

We can’t wait to see what type of drama Becky stirs up!

Check out the first image of Becky G on the set of Empire below:

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