Bad News For Fifty Shades Of Grey Fans

Sorry, ladies. The Fifty Shades of Grey movie won’t turn you on as much as the book did.

It’s not because certain scenes have been eliminated or because the movie is not rates NC-17. It also has nothing to do with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson lack of chemistry. It’s actually because of science. Yup, science says you won’t enjoy the movie as much as the book.

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Biologically speaking, women prefer to read about sex rather than see it. According to TIME, men have a biological imperative to impregnate as many women as possible. By contrast, women use caution while choosing a mate, because they have limited opportunities to bear children. Women search for a man who can care for their children, or search for someone who will make a good long-term mate.

This basic biological principle has become ingrained in romantic ideals. This means that many women need to be psychologically stimulated as well as physically stimulated. So in other words, if you’re looking to get turned on this Valentine’s Day weekend, skip the movie and read the book instead.

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