You won’t Believe why Zedd Dumped Selena Gomez

Sad news Zeddlena fans. Selena Gomez has reportedly been dumped by her DJ boyfriend Zedd.

After three months of dating Zedd was ultimately driven away by Gomez’s “high-maintenance attitude and needy nature,” according to Star magazine.

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“She’d call him all the time and get upset if he didn’t drop everything and answer,” a source explained to the magazine. “Zedd is tired of dealing with the drama.”

According to the source, Zedd was supposed to travel to Georgia last week to visit her, but he had to cancel because of a gig. “Selena flipped out, and they had a huge fight. He’s been avoiding her calls ever since,” said the source.

The two made their debut as a couple at the Golden Globes on Jan. 11 and have been inseparable ever since. They even recorded and released their song “I Want You To Know” together.

Are you sad to hear that Selena and Zedd may be over?

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