Why Supermodel Patricia Velasquez Was Inspired to Come Out

Venezuelan model and actress Patricia Velasquez is known as the first Latina supermodel. After 25 years in the spotlight, she has come out as gay in April.

Now, in a new interview with Fusion, she explains who inspired her to come out publicly.

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After explaining that she came out in 2000 to her mother privately, Velasquez said that becoming a mother herself inspired her to come out publicly. “It took being a mom to say that I have to lead by example,” she told Fusion. “And living by example meant telling the world and trying to make a difference for the people who are not so sure if they’re living the truth or not. So if I’ve inspired even one person, then that will mean I’ve done the job.”

Velasquez was the first Latina to appear on the cover of CoverGirl magazine. She’s also appeared in movies like The Mummy. She recently published a book, Straight Walk: A Supermodel’s Journey to Finding Her Truth, in which she details everything from her experience with drug abuse to being runner-up of the Miss Venezuela pageant to struggling with her sexuality, and writes that she hopes she can inspire people to “live their truth.”

“The minute I told the truth, I became comfortable,” she said.

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