Man Crush Monday: William Levy’s Best Instagram Selfies (Photos)

William Levy was a construction worker in Miami before he moved to Los Angeles to make it as an actor. Dubbed as the “Latin Brad Pitt,” this Cubano became a household name when he landed a spot on “Dancing With The Stars.”

To show you just how hot he is, we’ve picked out 10 of Levy’s hottest photos on Instagram. Enjoy, chicas!

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levy 10



50 shades of William Levy.


levy 1
Who wouldn’t love a sip of that champagne?


levy 2


To us, this looks like an invitation to cuddle on his couch.

levy 4
Imagine waking up to this every morning. His wife, Elizabeth Gutierrez, is one lucky woman.


levy 3




levy 5


We don’t know which way Levy looks hotter, with a beard or without?


levy 6


A throwback to when he was a model. Firefighter, come rescue us!


levy 7


He can be the captain of our hearts anytime he wants.


levy 8
Changing my relationship status on Facebook to “Taken.”


levy 9


The Cuban Adonis for sure.


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