Jeremy Renner Makes Sexist Joke About Jennifer Lopez At The Golden Globes

Um, well that was painfully awkward.

Jeremy Renner presented alongside Jennifer Lopez at the Golden Globes.

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Lopez is a singer, actress, dancer, author, and not to mention a mother-of-two, but that didn’t stop Renner from pointing out some of her other assets.

After announcing the nominees, J.Lo asked Renner if he wanted to open the envelope. Renner pointed to J.Lo, with J.Lo responding: “Yeah, I’ve got the nails.”

“You’ve got the globes, too,” Renner responded, hinting at her cleavage. J.Lo took the comment in stride, laughing, then playfully hitting him after they announced the winner.

If you ask us, it was a gross and sexist comment. What do you think?

Simply put:


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