Enrique Iglesias Slices Fingers Badly a During Concert

Enrique Iglesias looked straight out of a scene of The Walking Dead during a concert this weekend. The singer got his fingers sliced by a drone (yes, a drone!).

Iglesias was performing at a concert in Tijuana, Mexico, when he sliced his fingers trying to grab the apparatus, the AP reports. He apparently grabbed the drone (which is used to take crowd shots during concerts) and wanted to aim it at the crowd for a POV shot, but instead got his fingers all cut up. He was “semi-treated” on the side of the stage and was told he should end the show but instead, he continued to perform for 30 more minutes.

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Pictures of Enrique performing show that he made a heart on his T-shirt with the blood.

After the show, he was rushed to the hospital to be seen by a specialist. He is said to be recovering. What a trooper!

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