Angelina Jolie Meets Pope Francis

Mere months after meeting Queen Elizabeth II, Angelina Jolie met with another world leader on Thursday, Pope Francis, following a screening of Unbroken at the Vatican.

According to the Associated Press, the Pope did not actually sit through the 137-minute drama about Olympic runner-turned-World War II hero Louis Zamperini.

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After the film screened at the Pontifical Academy for Sciences, the Vatican confirms that the Pope greeted Jolie and she was photographed with shaking his hand. Although Brad Pitt was not at the papal gathering, the Roman Pontiff also met two of her children, her brother, and an Unbroken cast member inside the Apostolic Palace. Per the A.P., a vatican spokesperson said that “the meeting wasn’t a formal audience per se, but rather a brief and cordial greeting in which the pope paid particular attention to Jolie and the children, giving them Vatican souvenirs,” possibly rosaries.

To be a fly on the wall at the gathering. We wonder if Pope Francis praised Jolie for her performance in Tomb Raider.


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