Men Fall in Love More Often Than Women, Study Shows

Think women are more prone to falling in love than men? Think again.

Häagen-Dazs ice cream and The School of Life polled 2,000 British adults and found that more than half of the men surveyed revealed that they have loved more than one person in their lifetime. Only 45 percent of women said the same.

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On the other hand, more female respondents, around 47 per cent, claimed to have had just one love; 39 per cent of men said the same.

Of course, a study done by an ice cream company should be taken with a grain of salt, but there are similar studies that seem to support these findings. For example, a study conducted by in 2011 showed that 54 percent of guys said they’d fallen in love at first sight, and only 44 percent of women said they had, which shows that men are falling in love at first sight more often, for whatever that’s worth.

Why men seem to fall in love more often than woman is not clear, but it’s nice to know that movie plots based on women falling first, while the the guys ignore her are bogus. [Independent]

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