How Often Should Couples Have Sex?

Many experts oppose the idea that sex should be regulated by day. However, it should be done when the couple wants to.

Couples should be aware that the frequency of sex does not determine whether or not there are problems between them. Moreover, having sex every day can become boring, poor and monotonous. There are other ways to increase intimacy by creating new experiences together that are not necessarily sexual in nature.

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There are many factors to determine the frequency of sexual intercourse, among them are: age, health, and the durance of the relationship, among others.

At the beginning of the relationship, couples have sex two or three times more than after the relationship becomes stable. And from that time the couple should seek new passion, creativity, novelty and surprise to have sex again.

Experts also believe that comparing your sex life with other couples is not healthy. Discovering that another couple has sex four times a week when you can barely muster two can lead to anxiety and insecurity, therefore putting a strain on the relationship. As it result, it can also end up affecting your sexual performance.

That’s why maintaining a healthy relationship is advisable — have sex only when you are both in the mood, not because you have to.

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