5 Reasons It’s OK To Have Sex On The First Date

The world of dating is ever-evolving and the old-school rules of the 1950s no longer apply.

One of them is having sex on the first date. Plenty of women’s magazines vouch that giving it up on the first date is a no-no, but we’ve done the research and here it is: There’s nothing wrong with having sex on the first date. To prove it, here are 5 scientifically-backed reasons why it’s ok.

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1. He won’t think less of you. A 2013 Cosmopolitan poll found that 83 percent of women believe men will think less of a woman who has sex on the first date. (That’s a lot of mind-f*cking, ladies!) But the reality is that the majority of guys, specifically 67 percent of those polled, maintain they absolutely don’t. The guy is not going to think less of you or judge you. He’s not going to slut-shame you. And you shouldn’t feel apologetic or guilty.


2. Avoids the awkwardness. When there is so much sexual tension between the two of you, it tends to make things awkward. While courtship and dating are fun, a lot of the time dating is a bit of a drag. Having sex on the first date greatly reduces the anxiety that you both are experiencing and also eliminates all the trivial concerns that go with dating.


Related: 5 Reasons Women Should Make The First Move


3. You find out if you’re really connected. Sexual compatibility is important part of a relationship. By having sex on the first date, you get to establish that special connection early on. And if it’s enjoyable, it’ll only increase your attraction to one another.

“In this day and age, more people recognize sex as an important component of a successful relationship, not something to be ashamed of,” says Justin Lehmiller, PhD, a social psychologist at Harvard who studies relationships and sexuality. “For those people, it’s important to establish sexual compatibility early on, and having sex on the first date may be the right move for them.”


4. They want to. There is never an opportunity in which men don’t want to have sex and the first date is one of them. According to the 2012 Singles In America study, 41 percent of men regard sex on the first date as “very appropriate” or “somewhat appropriate.” So don’t be hesitant on the guy’s behalf. Chances are he wants it just as badly as you do, and he isn’t condemning the act either.


5. It’s fun. Dating doesn’t have to be a game with a relationship as the ultimate prize. Sometimes, a date can be a way of merely having fun and getting to know yourself as well as getting to know what you want in a potential partner. Sex is something to be enjoyed and you deserve to have just as much fun as he does.

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