4 Tips For Having Steamier Sex

Sometimes when you’re in a rush to get it on, you don’t even think about the important factors involved in having the best sex possible. Being innovative in bed doesn’t mean you have to lose respect for yourself and having a negative experience.

With the Fifty Shades of Grey mania that has been recently taking over the world as of late, many women have decided to shake up their sex lives. But how do you do so without getting lost in the attempt? Here are some tips:

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1. Don’t skip the foreplay

Foreplay doesn’t only have to take place in the bedroom. Show you guy your desire to take risks with a game that goes beyond the bedroom: Send him sexy text messages or leave some kind of reminder of what’s going to happen later that night in his car before going to work.

2. Say how you feel
Don’t let him push you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. If he really cares about you he will respect your decision. Communication is important in all aspects of a relationship.

3. It’s not only about receiving

Selfishness is an issue that should not be present in any relationship, let alone during a sexual encounter. Both you and your partner are entitled to enjoying sex and make the effort to make sure the other person feels comfortable. Take turns on each other and choose poses that are pleasurable for you both.

4. Don’t be shy

Trust is the best tool in trying new things. Maybe it didn’t go the way you expected. And if something didn’t work out well, take it as a learning experience and don’t be ashamed of trying it. Feel secure in your body and in your qualities and you will see that everything will be just fine.

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