The Hunger Games: Hunger Spurs Anger in Relationships

Hangry? We’ve all been there. But did you know that the irritability caused by hunger can actually affect your relationship?

According to a study by a group of researchers at Ohio State University, the hypothesis that hunger encourages irritability and moodiness has been checked.

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For the study, researchers surveyed a total of 107 couples. They asked the men what the level of happiness in their marriage was at and then evaluated their blood glucose levels. The researchers found that less amount of glucose there was in their blood, the more aggressive couples were with each other.

During the 21-day study, researchers had the husbands and wives pin a needle on the head of a voodoo doll according to their level of anger they had for their partner. The couples competed against each other in which the  winner (the angriest partner) was allowed to annoy the other with annoying noises.

The results showed that people with lower amounts of glucose in their blood (i.e., having less food in the body), placed greater number of pins in their voodoo doll  or would hassle their partners for a longer time than others.

So, next time you plan on having a serious discussion with your partner, try not to do it on an empty stomach.


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