Men Are Nicer To Women Wearing High Heels

Whoever says chivalry is dead is obviously not wearing heels.

In a new French study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers found that men are nicer to women in high heels.

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In the study, researchers conducted several separate experiments to examine how women wearing the same clothing but three different types of shoes—black flat shoes, black medium-heeled shoes (2 inches), black high heeled shoes (3.5 inches)—were treated differently.

In one experiment, men were asked by women, wearing flats and high heels, to take part in a survey. For the women wearing heels, 83% of men were willing to participate while only 47% of men offered to help the women in flats. When the same women “accidentally” dropped their gloves in a separate experiment, a shocking 93% of men picked it up for the women in high heels versus only 62% for non-heel wearing women.

In another experiment, researchers took things to the bar. The women wore shoes of varying heights and were placed in a bar to test how long until a male approached. For women in heels, the average wait time was 7:49 while women in flats waited almost 14 minutes before a man came up to them.

The study’s authors believe this is because of the shoe’s cultural reputation: High heels themselves are portrayed as sexy in the media (see every Sex and the City episode for proof), or at least in France where the trials were conducted. According to The Washington Post, footwear that is perceived as sexy may, “unconsciously…make [men] more likely to notice and respond to women.”

In summation: the higher the heel, the more attention men will show you.


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