How to keep the passion alive in a long-term relationship

Is your long-term relationship weighing you down? Over time, it’s natural for couples to become too comfortable with each other, but when things become too routine, too monotonous or too mundane, it’s time to change things. Check out our suggestions below:

1. Look at your partner’s eyes. There is a yoga practice in which you look into your partner’s eyes for three minutes away. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, it will surprise you how much this simple action will reconnect the two of you.

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2. Escape routine. Dedicating a day or two to do something out of the ordinary is important. Make sure you have the type of activities that can help you connect with one another such as hiking, trying out a new restaurant, or taking up a cooking class together.

3. Improve your appearance. He loves you just the way you are, but sometimes it’s nice to wow him in a new dress. If you’re not into dresses, then how about wearing a new pair of jeans? Use a different shade of lipstick or do something new with your hair. Your partner will notice and appreciate this.

4. Use perfume. Always use a pleasant and refreshing fragrance, but make sure it’s one that your partner likes, since odors evoke feelings.

5. Make something special. Bring back the honeymoon phase with demonstrations of love, notes of appreciation, letters, calls, texts or flowers. Of course, he should also do the same for you.

6. Spice up your life. Forget about routine and ¡ponte sexy! Men love a woman’s body, it’s that simple, so get something fun that he’ll appreciate.

7. Visit a sex toy store together. A fun way to break the routine is to go to a store that sells sex toys. Explore the store together, choose a toy, clothing, or even a board game to use when you get home.

8. Play a board game. There are thousands of fun games geared to couples who want to experience the most erotic sex. The game will only tell you what to do without having to think too much, making it ideal for shy couples.

9. Take turns in the bedroom. The pressure of always being the one to initiate sex can lead to lack of sexual desire. One way to change this is to take turns on who initiates sex implementing something different every time.

10. Have a date night. Reserve one night each week to spend time alone together. It helps to prioritize the relationship.

11. Plan a surprise adventure for on another. There is only one rule: The receiver must be open to anything and everything.

12. Put on a show. Take turns performing erotic scenes even if it gets to a point in which you two are laughing out loud.

13. Write a story. To make things more interesting, you should start with the most passionate and erotic moment you both have shared together and later going back to the beginning of when things first started for you as a couple.

14. Take sexy pictures. Just let your imagination run wild no matter what.

15. Show your love without pausing. Show that you love each other every day without stopping no matter what. Small steps like holding hands and making eye contact are the key to keeping the love alive.

16. Keep your identity. Being lost in love is one of the greatest threats to your intimacy. Set aside alone time for your friends, hobbies, and interests. Couples should try to complement each other not merge into one.

17. Do not be defensive. Keep open communication. In discussions and arguments (which are always bound to happen), try not to make excuses or counter your partner. Accept your mistakes and move on.

18. Be open. Be willing to change and fix things in your relationship when their not going the way you want them to. Pay attention to what makes you and your partner happy, and be careful not to take actions that restrict that happiness.

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