How To Deal With A Jealous Boyfriend

It may seem silly, but it’s perfectly normal for your boyfriend to be jealous of your friends, especially if they’re guys and he hasn’t even met them yet.

It’s also normal for you to be annoyed by his attitude. You may like or even love the guy, but he really needs to get the point that he shouldn’t be jealous of your every move.

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Here are some tips that can help you deal with a jealous boyfriend.

Assure that you are just friends. If your partner is jealous of your friends, ensure him that there is no romantic interest and that you only share a great friendship. He may just feel a little insecure, but it’s important for him to understand that your male friends are part of your life and you have no other interest in them.

Be considerate. Keep your boyfriend’s feelings into account. There may be a simple reason that he is jealous of your friends. If he suddenly feels uncomfortable for any other reason in particular, hear him out and talk about it.

Don’t hide. Hiding the fact that you hang out with your friends or even communicate with them will only make things worse. We’re not saying you should give him a detailed list of the people you speak to every day, but he should definitely be involved in your social circle.

If your partner knows your friends, you will feel calmer once they’ve befriended him. This way he’ll realize that they are also an important part of your life and one that he shouldn’t worry about.

Stay close with your friends. Don’t neglect your friends just because your partner is the jealous type. By not doing so, you will show him that you have nothing to hide. He will gradually grow accustomed to them being in your life. Also, if you’ve just begun dating him it’s ok for you to introduce him to your friends.

Move on. Some guys are just jealous by nature. If they’re Latin, they can also be machistas and have a strong sense of masculine pride. Sometimes jealousy progresses into something worse. If he sees that you’re okay with hime being jealous he will continue to be possessive and controlling. If you see that he still won’t let it go, it’s best to move on to the next one.

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