8 Qualities Every Woman Should Look for in Her Dream Man

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A lot of girls grow up dreaming about Mr. Right. He goes by many names: Mr. Perfect, Prince Charming, The One, but in essence, he’s a compilation of the ideal job, physique, and personality, as perceived by each individual girl. The problem is, our notions of the perfect prototype often hold us back from finding a true connection, since no real man can live up to those impossible standards. As we grow up, we realize that the qualities we previously overlooked are the ones that really matter. So, in an effort to pass on a little wisdom, I’ve put together a list of 8 qualities every girl should look for in her dream man.


1. Kindness

They say nice guys finish last and what a shame. So many women waste their time on assholes who are needlessly cruel or don’t care about them when there are plenty of kind respectful men willing to step in if given the chance. Don’t waste your time on someone who is rude abusive demeaning or simply indifferent to you and your well-being. Learn to value kindness and allow someone to express a genuine interest in you without being turned off. Also, be aware of his behavior towards others including his mother animals, children, and homeless people. The way your man interacts with these four groups will speak volumes about him.


2. Strength

While physical strength is a plus (you don’t want someone who’s going to struggle to carry you over the threshold if you can avoid it), the strength I’m referring to here is strength of character and mind. You want someone who has the ability to resist temptation in all forms from shady business deals to sexual solicitation. A man with the kind of strength that matters is honest trustworthy and always makes you feel safe in his arms.


3. The ability to challenge you

Women are complex. We need to keep it interesting. For those reasons, your dream man should be your intellectual equal or at least be able to keep up. You want a man who can challenge you make you think and help you grow not someone who’s going to hold you back.


4. A sense of humor

This is unique to every person, but when you find someone that gets your sense of humor, it’s a relief that can’t be described. There’s nothing like being able to let loose around someone without fear of judgment or misunderstanding and laughter is proven to bring people closer together. A couple that laughs together and can find humor in everyday problems or situations will certainly stay together.


5. Spontaneity/sense of adventure

Speaking of keeping it interesting, no one likes to be subject to same monotony or boring routine. You should look for a man that brings a little unknown to your day. It’s nice to have someone who never stops surprising you even if it’s just with little things like an impromptu date night or suggestion that you try a new biking trail.


6. Follow-through

So many men make promises in today’s day and age yet lack any follow-through. Let those men go. I could insert many sayings here—don’t talk about it, be about it; talk is cheap; walk the talk—but the message is the same. You want a man whose words are backed by action and who takes decisive steps to ensure he keeps his word.


7. Ambition

Your dream man doesn’t have to be a doctor but he should definitely have the desire to advance in life and succeed in his chosen field. He should be driven and have clear interests. Even if he’s working at a job he doesn’t enjoy he should have a plan for the future and clear route as to how his sacrifices are going to get him closer to his goals. In short, he should have goals. Period.


8. Resourcefulness

Last, but not least, your dream man should be resourceful. Handy is a bonus—there’s nothing sexier than actually being able to fix and build things. If he’s not the type though, it’s good if he can at least figure out how to somehow reach the same outcome. You want someone that can think critically and problem solve when you’re picking a partner to take on life’s obstacles with you, not someone who looks at a flat tire blankly.

Prioritize the traits on this list while on the man-hunt and you’re sure to find your happily ever after!

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