5 Signs He’s Not Into You

Dating and getting to know someone new is not as easy as they make it out to be in movies and TV. When you like someone, it’s not always easy to figure out if he likes you in return. Most of the time, you misread his signals. Sometimes, you think that just because he’s being coy that he’s just “playing the game.” Truth is, maybe he’s just not that into you. So, what are the tell-tale signs he’s not as interested in you as you were hoping he’d be? Read on for the top five signs you should move on to the next one.
1. He doesn’t want to talk to you
So you gave him your number and it’s his move to text or call you. It’s been a week and you figure maybe he lost your number, so you reach out first. Don’t. If he reaches out to you within three to four days of receiving your phone number he’s definitely interested. But if it’s been more than a week, this is a good sign he’s not interested in pursuing anything. Who has time to wait around for a guy to text? Move on.
2. He has bad body language
If he sits with his body away from you and refuses to make eye contact, it’s a sign he’s not interested in impressing you. Guys who are interested make eye contact during conversation, stand close and position their body in your direction.
3. He doesn’t ask you out
This one might seem a bit obvious, but sometimes guys just like to text back and forth, and this might lead you into thinking they want something more. But if he truly wants you in his life he would make every effort to ask you out. So what if he doesn’t? Move on.
4. He’s friendly, but doesn’t flirt
Sure, he’s nice to you and can hold a decent conversation. But if you observe him around other people and he treats them the same way he treats you, there’s a good chance you’re just another friend or acquaintance. It is wise to never mistake friendliness with flirtation.
5. He doesn’t ask you about your life
Showing interest in someone is all about being genuinely curious about their lives. If he actually asks you about things such as your interests and day to day life he’s into you.

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