4 Old-Fashioned Dating Rules NOT to Live By

It is often noted that today’s dating scene lacks chivalry sparking a recent resurgence in more old-school courting tactics. While these more conservative ideals are well intended and circumstantially healthy there are certain throwback courtship rules that nostalgia should not lead us ladies into.


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1. “Don’t talk about clothes or try to describe your new gown to a man.”Parade Magazine 1938.

Even the most casual date requires some planning. Am I too dressed up? How can I look sexy but not TOO sexy? I don’t care if sequins aren’t appropriate I need an excuse to wear this thing!? In the case of clothing circumstance is everything. If I like my outfit I may mention it during our date. Or perhaps you’re a stylist photographer or blogger and clothes are your thing. Point is discussing an outfit can lead into other topics so if it comes up roll with it.

2. “A woman should never ask a man out.” – Patti Sanger 2013.

If you see something you want go after it. Sure it’s nice to be approached but (shocker) some men are shy or intimidated. Some may not notice the intense eye contact you were trying to make with them from across the room. And if fear of rejection is causing hesitation then we’re just as guilty as the guys for not approaching someone we’re naturally attracted to.

3. “If you are a gal that uses frank men’s locker room language – DON’T on this first date. DON’T EVER.” She-Manners 1959.

Aside from the fact that locker room language can be left up for interpretation I wholly believe that a person should be themselves from day one. If you drop a few F-bombs here and there so be it. Just make sure you’re able to maintain intelligent conversations otherwise. Don’t let “Hey how’s it hanging low and to the left?” be the only line in your arsenal.


4. Avoid sensitive subjects such as politics and religion.

There is nothing wrong with a healthy debate and it’s better to vet these potentially tricky issues early; just be ready to pay for your half of the date in case he (or you) get (s) all huffy and puffy. (And you should always be ready to pay for yourself because quite frankly anything can happen.)

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