10 Things Boyfriends Do That Annoy Every Woman

1. When he talks about his exes. We don’t care that she was a “crazy psycho,” it infuriates us every time he talks about his ex.

2. When he automatically assumes you’re upset because of your period. Instead of blaming it on PMS why can’t he just admit he messed up?

3. When he farts in front of you. There’s nothing charming about letting one rip and then continuing the conversation like it didn’t just happen. Or even worse, laughing about it.

4. When he takes forever to text back. Seriously, it takes 20 seconds to send a text message. He should know better than to leave us hanging when we’re in the middle of a text conversation.

5. When he texts back with a “k.” There’s no response more irritating or disrespectful. It makes us feel like we’re not worth his time.

6. When he doesn’t return the favor in bed. There’s nothing fair about that, if you know what I mean.


7. When he checks out other girls. The worse part is he thinks we don’t notice him doing it, but we do…every single time!

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8. When he ignores us. We’re not talking about when we’re having conversations (if a guy ignores you while having conversation he shouldn’t be your boyfriend). We’re talking about when he’s watching football or playing a video game and nothing in their surrounding seems to exist.

9. Leaving the toilet seat up. What’s so difficult about putting down the toilet seat? When we unknowingly go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and sit, we fall right into the toilet.

10. When we say “nothing is wrong” and he doesn’t get that there is always something wrong. We just want him to realize for himself that he did or said something he shouldn’t have.

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