6 Things You Need to do Before Starting a Serious Relationship

There are certain things everyone needs to accomplish in their own life before they can become a good partner. If you want your next relationship to be better than your last one, here are five things you should do before:

1. Be ready for a relationship.

Wanting a relationship and being ready for a relationship are two different things. If you want a relationship because you think that it will complete you, you are going about it all wrong. Is it the right time? Are you emotionally capable to love and be there for someone unconditionally? Being ready for a relationship means you’re ready for a commitment and to give the best of yourself to someone who is ready to do the same to you. Once you are ready, everything will start to fall into place rather than being forced.

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2. Love yourself.

If you can’t love yourself, what makes you think someone else will fall in love with you? Before you are able to commit to an adult relationship, it’s important to accept yourself for who you are and what you aren’t. Loving yourself will draw others to love you.

3. Create a life you love.

If you aren’t excited about the life you are leading why would anyone else want to be a part of it? Find something you are passionate about and do it as often as you can. Do things that make you happy and get you excited for each new day. If your life looks like enough fun, odds are you won’t need to go looking for love. Most importantly, keep in mind that having an amazing life and being in a relationship aren’t mutually exclusive. You don’t need someone to complete your life, you need someone to enjoy it with you.

4. Focus on you.

Part of creating a life you love is focusing on all aspects of developing who you are as a person. Are you where you want to be in life? What are your goals? Maybe it’s time to start the career you’ve always wanted, even if it will be years before it takes off. Maybe you should write the book you’ve been wanting to write, or take up those yoga classes you’ve been meaning to try. Focusing on you is an important piece in staying true to yourself and maintaining a happy life on your own. That way, you are not reliant on someone else to make you happy or make your life fulfilled.

5. Forget the past.

Whatever mistakes you made, whatever thing is holding you back, you need to let it go. We all have baggage, but it’s up to us to decide if it’s going to weigh us down. Learn to let go of people, memories and situations, so that you can start fresh in your new relationship.

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