5 Things Only Your Best Friend Will Understand

Having a best friend is like winning a sister in life in which you share a special bond that no one can break. You know each other like the backs of your hands. You know how to read each other and what is going on in each other’s minds.

Here are five things only your best friend will understand that maybe you haven’t noticed.

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1. The “Look”

Sometimes it’s not necessary to speak a work to your best friend. Exchanging a glance is often enough to make sure everything is clear. Somehow you can both communicate without speaking and imply your feelings such as when someones presence bothers you or or a guy you are smitten by has passed in front of you.

2. Your sense of humor

There are certain things about your jokes and sense of humor that not everyone can understand. What some people don’t understand or find funny your best friend completely gets. She knows when you’re being sarcastic and indirect. Because of this you always feel comfortable to be yourself whenever you’re around her.

3. Your voice

You can both tell when either of you are upset, bored, excited, or feeling angst by the sound of each other’s voice. She has learned when something is about to get you riled up and how to calm you down before things start to out of control.

4. Your feelings toward something

You’ve spend so much time with your best friend and you’ve therefor created a special kind of connection in which you can sense what one another are feeling at any moment. She knows that you’re feeling uncomfortable when you don’t say anything at a party or that you don’t like the person that’s standing in front of you when you have a strange smile on your face.

5. Your lies

Nobody knows when you’re lying better than your best friend lying. No matter how much we try to pretend, she knows that nothing that is coming out of your mouth has any truth to it, but loves you so much that she will try to go with the flow regardless. Of course, you can’t save her after giving her untruthful explanations if you have not yet understood what is going on.


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