5 Signs You’re in a Toxic Friendship

Hanging onto friends that are clearly no good can impact your overall happiness. While small infractions often pass, or can be resolved by talking it out, sometimes it comes time for a friend “breakup.” If you’re in denial, here are a few warning signs to watch for. Recognize a friend in one of these scenarios? It might be time to have “the talk.”

1. You feel drained after you’re done hanging out with her.
It takes a lot of energy to put up with someone who’s vibe doesn’t sit well with you.

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2. You justify your friendship. You often find yourself saying “but we’ve known each other forever” or “but we have so many of the same friends,” to justify keeping the relationship alive.

3. They disrespect your opinions, interests and values. You’re made to feel dumb for expressing a viewpoint that differs from theirs.

4. They turn into another person when they’re around other people. The way the treat their other friends is way different than how they are when you’re one on one.

5. They are not happy for you when they should be. Your new job promotion or car didn’t warrant they’re support and genuine happiness. If someone doesn’t clap for you when you win, watch out.

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