18 Signs You’re In A Relationship With A Manipulator

They are usually charming, seductive, and very good lovers. Their light comes into you life and you think it will never be rendered. After a while, everything changes for the worse and you finally start to notice that you’re with a master manipulator.

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Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold. Truth is, manipulation is a form of relationship abuse and being with someone who is toxic can lead to deep and painful consequences. But not just a broken heart and hours of crying. In the worst case scenarios, it can lead economic debt, fraud, and even blackmail.

We don’t want you to become pessimist or cynic. The idea is for you is not to confide so much in your partner and to be alert to signs of a manipulative man.

Psychologist Joselyn Rojas revealed 18 signs you’re in a relationship with a manipulator.


1. He doesn’t introduce you to others as his girlfriend or wife.

2. He maintains close communication with his ex.

3. You feel he has a better time with other people than with you.

4. He is indifferent to you when you are with other people.

5. He does’t listen to you and does not care much about what happens in your life.

6. His free time is spent mostly doing other activities he prefers much more than you.

7. He doesn’t include you in important life events.

8. He refuses to introduce you to your friends despite being together for a long time.

9. When you argue with each other, he threatens to leave or to end the relationship.

10. He lies.

11. He compares you to others.

12. He bosses you around and expects you to be submissive.

13. His previous relationships were tumultuous and abusive.

14. He makes many decisions that affect a relationship on his own when it is supposed to be a mutual and balanced effort between both parties.

15. He fell in love with you quickly without having known you well enough.

16. He asks you for money or starts living off of your expenses.

17. He doesn’t worry about you.

18. You justify and defend him in front of others.

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