6 Worst Gifts To Give On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has a bad reputation for being a “Hallmark holiday” that was created by large conglomerate companies to force you to spend money. But let’s face it, it’s nice to give and receive gifts from the person you love. However, there are certain gifts that no man should ever buy for a woman.

Full disclosure: Fellas, we’re not saying that all women need gifts on V-day (we would much rather you show us that you love us through words and small, yet significant gestures). But if you are going to buy us something, make it special. To help you, here’s a list of the six worst gifts to receive on Valentine’s Day.

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1. Carnations

Carnations are not only the cheapest flowers you can buy, they are also the most thoughtless. We’re not necessarily saying that a dozen long-stemmed roses are the way to go, either (not all women are impressed by expensive flowers that die within a few days). It’s just that if you’re going to buy us carnations, it’s better not to buy us any flowers at all.

Man hand holding red carnation flower on white background


2. Teddy Bears

Sure, stuffed animals are cute and all, but let’s be real — they’re best suited for 7-year-olds. Teddy bears usually get stuffed in a closet and if/when the relationship goes sour, it’s just a reminder of how much she hates you.



3. Lingerie

Don’t make Valentine’s Day about recreating your secret fantasies. Most of the lingerie available at malls —especially this time of year — are the opposite of what a woman really wants to wear. Leave the lingerie up to the woman.



4. Edible arrangements

Nobody wants to eat fruit on Valentine’s Day, unless it’s dipped in chocolate.



5. Jewelry in a ring-sized box

You’re just being cruel if you give your partner a pair of earrings in a small red box. This is not a day to play with someone’s emotions.

ring box


6. Gift Cards

Gift cards and gift certificates are the most thoughtless gift you can possibly give someone, even if they’re not your significant other. They’re just showing us that you didn’t make the time to buy (or even make) something special for us.

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