The Single Girl’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

So, what’s a single girl to do on Valentine’s Day (otherwise known as Singles Awareness Day)? Sure, it may seem like couples get to have all the fun on this day, but truth is, there are plenty of things for the single girls to do, too.

Whether you spend it alone or decide to do something among friends, Valentine’s Day is not a day to sulk about the fact that you’re single. It’s a day to embrace the love you have for yourself, your friends, your family, and the little things that fill you up with joy. Without further ado, here is Eme de Mujer’s officiall Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day:

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1. Make it a “Galentine’s Day.” Show your girlfriends how much you love them by spending the entire day with them. Go to brunch, get a manicure, watch movies together, go out for drinks—the possibilities are virtually endless!



2. Have a date with your city. Explore and see what you end up discovering.



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3. Fill your tub with bubbles and bath bombs. Light all your candles and drink wine while relaxing.



4. Start a book that you’ve been dying to read. Don’t stop until you finish.



5. Make chocolate-covered strawberries…and eat them all!



6. Go dancing. Set yourself free on the dance floor and shake it off. Live in the moment and realize how luck you are to be where you are in your life at that very moment.


7. Have a movie night. Watch a bunch of romance movies while eating popcorn and drinking wine.


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