7 Mistakes You’re Probably Doing With Your Fitness Routine

Corrie Pikul, a healthy specialist at the Huffington Post, explained that there are 7 common mistakes we make while we exercise. Let us break it down for you.


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First mistake: Do not use the “quick start” option on the elliptical.

Using the elliptical and pressing the quick start option right away is the worst thing you can do. It has been proven that the best workout is when we use different intensity levels. So the next time you step on a machine, pick a gradual intensity for your workout.

Second mistake: Your goal can’t be to look like Madonna when you turn 55. 

Michelle Segar, Michigan University’s expert, found out that those who train to achieve certain goals at short term are more likely to succeed. Focusing in feeling good will make you want to train more as your endorphin levels will rise and you’ll be more likely to schedule another workout ASAP.

Third mistake: Thinking that practicing yoga will get you the perfect body. 

Yoga, in any of its forms, is considered a light exercise. So, even if you sweat, you won’t lose any extra weight. Still, yoga is very beneficial for the body and the mind, so it’s a good idea to practice it as a compliment to your high intensity exercises.

Fourth mistake: Using the wrong kind of shoes in your spinning class.

When riding the bike, the only type of shoes you should wear are those that are specifically made to use on a bicycle. This will prevent you from getting injured and will make you use more muscles. These shoes have a rigid sole and clips that will increase the stability and reduce the pressure on the feet.

Fifth mistake: Stretching as a pre-workout.

According to research, stretching during the warmup make us last less while training and it increases the chances of getting injured. It is best to do a dynamic warmup where you mimic the exercises you are about to perform.

Sixth mistake: Taking anti-inflamatory medicine. 

Some athletes choose to consume anti-inflammatory, such as ibuprofen, before exercising to prevent inflammation. This practice is not recommended as research has shown that these medicines might have harmful effects on the digestive system. Taking so many pills can lead to more severe problems, as some bacterias can get to the bloodstreem.

Seventh mistake: Thinking that it’s is mandatory to exercise early in the morning. 

It is important that you make time to exercise, but this should not affect your sleeping hours. Sleep researchers from Stanford University have shown that increasing your hours of sleep will improve the performance of athletes. If sleeping more is not possible for you, try taking a nap before training.

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