Mexicans Celebrate Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Every December 12 million Mexicans celebrate Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe or Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, one of the most deeply rooted traditions.

The Office of Strategic Communications conducted a survey to find out how many Mexican are believers of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Here are the percentage results:

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68.8% of Mexicans are considered devotees of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

42% of those surveyed said that December 12 is a day of spirituality and 21.8% consider it a national holiday.

49.4% said that they attend a church on this day to commemorate the Virgin.

76.9% believe that the Virgin of Guadalupe granted miracles.

47% say that the virgin has undergone miracles on their health.

17.4% say the virgin granted them a miracle that they asked her for.

1.9% said it helped them get jobs.

0.6% said it helped them give up their addictions.

0.4% said they asked for help to improve the economic situation of their family.

0.2% asked for partner.

54.5% of respondents said that the Virgin of Guadalupe has granted them a miracle thy or their family prayed for.

79.9% said that most Mexicans pray more to the Virgin of Guadalupe,  while 7.3%  to St. Jude and 2.3% to death.

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