How Valentine’s Day Is Celebrated Throughout Latin America

Every country has it’s own unique way of celebrating love. Below, we take a look at how Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout Latin America.

Mexico. Our friends south of the border celebrate Día de San Valentin, but it’s more commonly referred to as “El Día del Amor y la Amistad. While people still give candies, flowers, and balloons, in Mexico it’s more about celebrating friendships.

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Guatemala. Referred to as Día del Cariño, it is also celebrated by giving gifts and sentimental goodies. On this day, it is also encouraged to show love for friends and co-workers, too.

Brazil. Brazilians celebrate Día dos Namorados in honor of St. Anthony, the saint of marriage and matchmaking on June 12th.

El Salvador. In this country, a game is played called Angelito or Amigo Secreto, depending on where you are. Girls and boys rip a piece of paper, write someone’s name, and then proceed to give their angelito a gift. How cute is that?

Peru. Peruvians celebrate by giving out orchids in lieu of roses. Since Carnaval goes on at the same time, it is considered a public holiday, and many celebrate with mass weddings to be able to accommodate large groups of couples.

Colombia. Celebrated on September 20th, this day is filled with secret admirers giving gifts and professing their love.

Bolivia. Bolivians celebrate Día de Amor on Sept. 21 and is a day in which lovers exchange of cookies, candies, and flowers. They also applaud “Student, youth, spring and love. Día del amor y la amistad is also celebrated on July 23, so they get double the love!

Argentina. In the southern tip of South America, El Día de Los Enamorados is celebrated. Here, there is more of an emphasis on spoiling your significant other with gifts and sweets.

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