An 8-Year-Old Girl May Have Found The Cure For Cancer

Kids say the darndest things, but sometimes, kids say the smartest things, especially if that kid is 8-year-old Camilla Lisanti.

Camilla’s parents are cancer researchers at England’s Manchester University. When they came home from a long day at the cancer research lab, they turned to their daughter, almost half-jokingly, to get her opinion on cancer therapy. They were most likely expecting a typical kid answer, but what they got instead might be the soundest theory of all time.

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“She has heard us talk about cancer a lot and we thought it would be fun to ask her what she thought about cancer therapy,” Camilla’s dad, Professor Michael Lisanti, told The Daily Mail. “We asked her how she would cure cancer and she said ‘Mum and Dad, I would just use an antibiotic, like when I have a sore throat.” Instead of dismissing her outright, Michael Lisanti followed through on his daughter’s hypothesis, saying, “She usually is right about things. She always has a snappy answer that makes sense.”

Her simple answer prompted her parents to put the theory to the test. Incredibly, what they discovered was that some of the most dangerous cancer cells were destroyed by several, widely used antibiotics. These antibiotics killed stem cells in samples from many of the most diagnosed areas in the body like the breast, prostate, lungs, and brain.

As a result of their findings, Camilla’s parents have made her an author on the study.

“Antibiotics are cheap and readily available and if in time the link between their use and the eradication of cancer stem cells can be proved, this work may be the first step towards a new avenue for cancer treatment,” breakthrough breast cancer researcher, Dr Matthew Lam, told Metro.

Think about what Camilla’s hypothesis could mean for the millions of people who are diagnosed with cancer every year. While more research is needed, if the science holds up, Camilla could be the link that scientists needed to finally eradicate cancer for good. That’s an incredible accomplishment for one little girl. In fact, that’s an incredible accomplishment for anyone.

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