12 Healing Foods Found In Your Kitchen

From a simple burn to a sprained ankle, domestic accidents are almost part of every day life. Here’s a list of healing remedies you can find in your kitchen right now!

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1. Ice. It soothes and reduces swelling.

2. Lemon. A slice of lime applied over a bite provides relief and offers antibacterial and healing properties. It can be used to disinfect cuts, wounds, and insect bites. It also relieves rashes and is is a potent natural acne fighter. In general, lemon is a good remedy for any discomforts to the skin.

3. Honey. It is used to treat skin wounds and prevent infection. Honey is practically miraculous.

4. Sugar. A powerful natural antibiotic to treat wounds. Clean infected area first and then dab sugar on it.

5. Salt. Just rub the area with a little salt and the itching will gradually disappear.

6. Tea. The tannins in tea relieve the itching due to its astringent properties.

7. Bananas. Bite, sting or burn the inside of The inside shell of a banana alleviates stings and burns. It not only provides immediate relief, but it helps it heal faster.

8. White or apple cider vinegar. It has antiseptic and fungicide power. Relieves and cleanses bites, herpes, skin fungus. Simply wet a cotton ball in vinegar and apply on the bite. It’s also ideal for relieving jellyfish stings  and mosquito bites.

9. Onion. It has anti-scarring properties. It can be used to treat wounds and welts. Cut onion into slices and apply a slice over a wound.

10. Baking powder and water. When mixed with water and made into a paste, it can be applied on a bite to relieve pain and prevent itching.

11. Oatmeal. When mixed with water and made into a paste, it can reduce inflammation on an infected area. It also has a calming affect.

12. Tomato. Excellent soother that relieves the pain of insect bites that sting. Apply slices directly on the bite and it will help reduce inflammation and relieve pain.


One healing hack that never fails but can’t be found in the kitchen is aloe vera, which acts as a natural antiseptic and sedative for burns, hives, and sunburns. It can be used by slicing the leaf and placing the juicy part over the affected area. It will immediately reduces swelling and pain.

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