Bucket List: 14 Scary Things You Should Try At Least Once

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Have you ever gone topless at a public beach? Have you ever traveled alone? These might seem silly, but if you take the risk, they could give you the shake your life needs. They say you only live once (YOLO!), so take advantage of the life you have been given and look for a way to make every moment count. Here are 14 things every woman should try at least once.

Travel alone. This might seem scary, but if you take the risk, this would probably be an experience you won’t forget. You’ll have the opportunity to meet amazing people, challenge your fears and insecurities, and experience complete freedom.

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Suffer for love. Not only would this help you become a more powerful woman, but it will also teach you that no one is essential for you to live your life.

Donate your hair. Cut your long hair and donate it to an organization that provides wigs to women who have lost their hair due to cancer. You’ll realize what a liberating and rewarding experience it is.

Live by yourself.  Being responsable for everything that happens in your house, will make you grow and become independent.

Have a summer fling. Having a romance that only lasts a couple days while on vacation can become a fun experience you can tell your friends about later on.

Face your fears. Give a speech, jump off a bridge, go diving, whatever your biggest fear may be, take the courage to overcome it.

Change your lifestyle. Eat healthy, exercise, and discard any bad habits you might have. Your body will thank you later.

Have a “friends with benefits.” Even though this might sound a bit risky, this could be a good way for you to avoid that “what could have happened” feeling.

Take care of your finances. Paying your credit cards on time and not owing anyone any money will make you feel liberated.

Live new erotic adventures. Escape your routine and dare to try that striptease dance you’ve been debating about doing with your partner.

Spend money on yourself.  This one is easy to do. Just go out and buy those Louboutin pumps you’ve been eyeing for a while.

Do something stupid.  It’s okay to do something silly or crazy every once in a while. This will give you something funny to bring up in future conversations.

Plant a tree. Okay, yes, this is cliché, but as time goes on you will feel good to nurture something and watch it grow.

Write a book. As silly as this might sound, just do it. And if it seems impossible, try to at least keep a journal for a whole year. When you go back and read what you we were feeling at that time, you will realize how much you’ve really changed and grown.

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