8 Simple Things That Make You Happy!

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We are all looking for the same thing: living a happy life. We sped through life quickly. Stop. Slow down and smell the roses. Let’s enjoy the little things that always brings a smile to our face without fail.

Clean Sheets

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There’s nothing like sleeping in a bed that smells as if it just came out of the dryer. A smooth, wrinkle-free bed will make you want to put on your pajamas and relax and who doesn’t want to relax?


The wind in your face

You’re walking when suddenly a gust of wind begins to move your hair and slap you with subtle breeze, making you smile. Feel the air, breath, and embrace it.


Dancing alone 

You’re home alone on a Friday night. You put some some music on and close the blinds shut. Without even thinking, you start start move your hips and feet to the rhythm of your own beat. Those five minutes or so of pure madness will leave you with a big smile on your face and not to mention 20 calories to spare.


Freshly baked bread

Going to the bakery, asking for bread and receiving a nice warm bag is about the same as winning the lottery.


Hot shower

You come home with a dull mind and immediately get into the shower. As water soaks your hair, you begin to feel relaxed. The water steam, the soap foam and even the scent of the shampoo conspire in your favor. Your shower turns into an at-home spa when you start shaving, exfoliating, and moisturizing. You step out looking and feeling like new!


Bare feet

You’ve spent all day on your feet in what seems like 10-inch heels. It’s finally time to get home and take them off. You stretch your toes wide and move your ankles in a circular motion and suddenly the pain you endured all day is gone.


Road trips

Hitting the open road is synonymous with joy. Either alone or with your ideal companion, driving while observing nature’s scenery, sunsets, and views to your favorite soundtrack is priceless.


Being naked

That moment when you get out of the shower, when your wet hair is touching your naked body, is priceless.


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