6 Words and Phrases Only People from Miami Understand

In Miami, certain words have a complete different meaning than they do in other parts of the U.S. Thanks to its unique mix of Latino and Hispanic nationalities and a culture one can only find in the 305, citizens have created a vocabulary all their own. Here are six words and phrases only people in Miami will actually understand:


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1. Super

What you think it means: Excellent.
What it really means: A word that is interchangeable for really.
Ex: “Your shoes are super cute.”


2. Bro

What you think it means: A term of endearment for your sibling.
What it really means: Pretty much anyone, regardless of gender or age. The term is often used at the beginning of a sentence.
Ex: “Bro, did you watch Scandal last night? It was super dramatic.”



3. Pata sucia

What you think it means: Dirty feet in Spanish
What it really means: Anyone (mostly women) who is careless enough to take their shoes off in public and walk barefoot.

Ex: “Cindy took her shoes off as soon as she got to the club. What a pata sucia!”

4. Supposably

What you think it means: The wrong way of saying “supposedly.”
What it really means: Exactly what you think it means.
Ex: “Supposably, Carlos dumped Karla, but I saw them together last night at the party.”


5. Eating shit

What you think it means: Literally eating crap.
What it really means: Meaning to pass time by doing nothing. It comes from a Spanish term that translates to “shit eater” but denotes someone who is rude or clueless.

Ex: “She was suppose to pick Suzy up from school at 3:00, but she was too busy eating shit.”


6. Mission

What you think it means: An important assignment or task, typically involving travel.

What it really means: Anything inconvenient no matter how long it takes to complete, whether it be one minute or five hours.

Ex: “Bro, I was stuck in traffic on the Palmetto for half an hour. What a mission.”

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