6 Foods That Make You In A Bad Mood

Being in good mood depends on many factors and, believe it or not, one of these factors happens to be what you eat.

The foods listed below have the power to boost your happiness because of the fat, sugar, and salt content. However, after that satisfying adrenaline rush wears out, the “bad good” starts to kick in, leaving you feeling tired and cranky. 

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Yes, coffee is the crowd favorite in the mornings, but the truth is, consuming too much caffein can alter our body and cause anxiety, nervousness, and changes in your mood.


French fries

According to studies, the oil used for for frying the potatoes decreases brain activity, causing moodiness. In addition, this type of food lowers the serotonin levels, thus causing stress as well as seriously affecting the regions in your brain that regulate anger.



Because of its high sugar content, soft drinks put you in a bad mood. The large quantities of refined sugar, sodium, and gas that these beverages contain cause a false sense of euphoria that affects the nervous system and that, if abused, can cause emotional imbalances.



Although baked goods are delicious, they are loaded with butter, oils, and refined sugars. At first it fills the emotional emptiness, but later it will alter your mood by producing nervousness and aggression.



Processed meats such as sausages contain high levels of preservatives and other additives that can cause general discomfort such as headaches, irritability, and fluid retention.



Alcohol is a depressant. It produces an initial state of euphoria, like drugs, but afterwards, it creates a state of emptiness, sadness, and aggression.

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