11 Reasons To Love Being A Woman

1. You can get away with not wearing pants.

2. Unlike our male counterparts, we have virtually an infinite number of options to dress up to our disposal: Pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, crop tops, etc.

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3. You can grow a human being!

4. You can admire a “hottie” in public and feel turned on without anyone noticing.

5. You can totally transform your look as easily as applying a nice red lipstick on your lips.

6. Feminism never goes out of style.

7. You don’t have to settle for only one orgasm.

8. You can cook with one hand, clean with the other, and watch news, all at the same time!

9. Because your mother says so (and she is never wrong!).

10. Scientific studies have found that women have a stronger immune system than men. Another point for us!

11. Women can shine their own light and do not have to be dependent on any man to shine.


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