10 Tricks to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions women often tell themselves: “This is the year I will fulfill all my goals.” Usually, when the end of the year arrives, we reflect more on what we didn’t accomplish than on what we did. Most of the time, we even forget about the goals we set out to reach at the beginning of the year. So, we made a list of tips to help you truly fulfill all those goals you set.

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1. Write them down. Write your goals down so that you can check them off as you go will give you a sense of accomplishment.

2. Be specific. Instead of writing down “exercise more,” be specific and write “run 30 minutes a day.”

3. Place your list in a place you will see it every day. Hang a piece of paper on your wall or mirror so that they are visible. This minimizes the chances of you forgetting what your goals are.

4. Share your goals. Reveal your goals and wishes for the new year to your friends and family so that they can give you their unconditional support.

5. Create a visualization board. Cut out phrases and photos from magazines of the things you want to accomplish, paste them to a board and hang it up on your wall.

6. Celebrate each goal you reach. Celebrating with a night out or a piece of cake will make fulfilling all your goals all the more exciting. Besides, you’ve earned it!

7. Keep a journal. This is a little bit different than just writing your goals down. If you write down what you do every day in a journal and tell the story of your goal-reaching process, it will help bring you closer to your goal each day.

8. Have all the necessary tools on hand. Need a gym membership? Get one. Want a new job? Tweak and perfect your resume. Being prepared is the first step in making the necessary changes in your life.

9. Use technology to your advantage. Download apps such as a countdown app that will help keep you motivated or set an alarm to remind you to work out.

10. Discover new things. For example, if your goal is to get in shape,  try out a new exercise that you think is fun so that you can achieve your new you goal. You’ve got nothing to lose except for some pounds!

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