10 Things Only The Oldest Siblings Will Understand

Being the oldest sibling is not only a blessing, but also a full time job. If you’re the oldest, you will definitely identify with more than one of these facts on our list.


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1. No matter how old they are, you always feel the responsibility to take care of your younger siblings.

2. When you were growing up, you felt like your parents were more lenient with them than they were with you.

3. As a little girl, your sister always imitated you and copied everything you did.

4. You felt weird when they started going out and making similar plans as you with their friends.

5. When they accomplish something, you get excited for them as if it were your accomplishment.

6. Your parent’s always left you in charge of them, but when you would scold them, they would say “You’re not my mom. You have no authority over me.”

7. You mess around with them all the time, but if someone else messes with them they are dead!

8. You probably used your little brother or sister as a toy to be abused.

9. No matter how angry they make you, you could never stay mad at them for too long.

10. Even if there are multiple years in age difference, it’s like having a best friend for a lifetime.

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