Horoscope For The Week Of November 3-November 9




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With the entry of the Moon in your sign this first week of the month, everything concerning your work area is active. If you are looking for employment this will be an excellent week. If you already have a job, creativity will be on your side. You need to find a private moment to share with your partner. You’re seduced by adventure.




With the Moon transiting your sign on the 6th, you’ll be having many dreams and with that, a highly developed intuition. Pay attention to the details of the universe. Your next economic investment will bring good earnings reports. A new loving relationship lays in the horizon. You’re seduced by conquest.




This week, you’ll be a little upset at your workplace, you’ve remained silent before, but now is the time to organize your thoughts and find the best words to clarify the misunderstandings. It’s important that you evaluate your relationship if you do not feel comfortable. You’re seduced by intelligence.



Cancer01Improvements in every aspect are headed your way. Lately, you’ve been overwhelmed by emotional circumstances, but your astral landscape opens to new conquests and reconciliations. You’re now more likely to build a relationship and talk about marriage. You’re seduced by being pampered.




Many of your wishes will come true. With Jupiter in your sign, a picture for further expansion in all directions is created, but evaluate who you trust—Uranus is in your sign and it brings disappointment. Watch your diet. Maybe it’s necessary to start exercising and improving on your health. Being the center of attention seduces you.





With Mercury as your ruling planet, a new stage in your life that brings total renovation will begin. It’s important that you make an assessment of your friendships and stay only with people who are in tune with you. A new job offer will come your way. You’re seduced by trust and loyalty.





Venus is transiting near you. It’s important to take time to do the things you’ve been postponing like a visit to the spa or a stroll by the sea. Avoid any misunderstandings with coworkers. Let the waters calm down so the things can be resolved in the best way. You’re seduced by surprises.




Venus in your sign leads you to want to do many things at once. You will feel extra motivated, but you must be careful not to get carried away by fantasies alone. Evaluate good business proposals carefully. It’s an ideal week to devote yourself to savor the pleasures of life without excesses. You’re seduced by mystery and the occult.





You will somehow be dodging commitments this week. You feel full and free to do what you like. Jealousy could separate you from the one you love. You currently do not want to be controlled, but be careful not to lose a real love over passing illusion. You’re seduced by being conquered.




With Mars in your sign injecting you with extreme ardor, you will spend days and nights of great passion, and also the economic opportunities will surprise you. A past love will knock on your door. What did not work  out before may not work now. Stay alert. You’re seduced when being conquered by several men at once.




Now it’s time to leave relationships that did not work in the past and focus on the present. A new love will fill your days with lots of enthusiasm, it’s not necessary that you try hard, he will conquer every space that was forgotten. Do not fear work changes. You’re seduced by having control of the relationship.



This will be a very productive week. There will be days of great challenges that will bring you money, so it’s important that you organize the time and do not feel overwhelmed with so many commitments. You will be invited to be a part of a big social project. This is not the time; evaluate it for next year. You need to use this time for rest. You’re seduced by romantic details.
Maria Eugenia Piñate is an astrologer, tarot reader, numerologist, and broadcaster. Follow her on Twitter: @likelaluzdelaluna


Illustrations by Vanessa Balleza. Twitter: @ballezarte

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