Horoscope For The Week Of November 10-November 16




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This is a week to mediate and negotiate your desires. You may feel pressured to complete many commitments, but control your character in order to avoid conflict. If necessary, apologize to your partner now—it’s the perfect time. Inside connection: The sky’s magic. It’s time for new opportunities. Positive energy is within you.




You will get the recognition you deserve from your superiors and will get rewarded justly for all that you’ve been doing. Love and desire with your partner will be activated. Leave the differences that separated you before behind. Inside connection: Time. Now is the time to think about your accomplishments, keep your thoughts away from feelings of loneliness, and being old. Time is a great treasure.




Love and passion. New achievements are in your horizon. A field of new possibilities are in sight. Your creativity will be the star in new projects you’re working on. Inside connection: New chapter. You feel a mysterious impulse for the unknown. Be bold and take risks.




This week you will feel overwhelmed by uncertainty. You need to put your thoughts and feelings in order. You may think that you’re not being validated enough, but it is very healthy and beneficial to set limits for yourself. Inside connection: Dexterity. Assess your skills and use them as tools to achieve personal and professional success.




There will be openings in the workplace and you will receive the support of an influential woman who will turn to you to consolidate your ideas. It’s time to prove your worth. Do not be fearful of these new challenges. Romance and nights of passion will be activated. Inside connection: Change. You are at the end of a road. It is time for something to end and for a new beginning. Remember that any change always brings something positive. 





Your circle of friendship will increase. It is time to share and give your best! Changes in your work environment will give you new expectations. You will be called to a meeting that will change your love life. Inside connection: The magic star. An event will bring positive changes. Receive these universal gifts with love and faith.





You will face new challenges in your job at a very high risk. It’s necessary that you check the impact it may have on your life. You will be demanding more attention from your partner. Ty to avoid complaining. Inside connection: Rebirth. You must seek renewal of your feelings. To be reborn is to grow strong in spirit. 




Your protectorate guides will illuminate your path to begin a new stage of life that’s filled with dreams and projects will crystallize. There will be a start of positive economic activities with your partner. Inside connection: Development. A change in the spiritual life means trust, joy, and development.





It’s an excellent time to get in tune with your ideals. You are seeing the big picture more clearly. You will feel that a love that gives you a lot of spiritual protection is your soulmate. Inside connection: Expression. Enjoy the wonder of expressing yourself. Fill yourself with confidence and faith. 




You may feel that the workload at work is not being distributed evenly and you feel overwhelmed with so many commitments. You will be involved in a conflict with your family because of your love life. Set limits. Inside connection: Open your arms and your heart to the world. Be willing to receive the best love in the world.




Overwhelmed by not knowing what to do, the time has arrived for you to be introspective. You desire change at work and in your love life. Inside connection: New chapter. Your wild and youthful spirit needs a change. be bold and take risks. 




There will be balance in everything you undertake. You have a strong need to devote yourself entirely to what you like—go ahead and do it.  Inside connection: Sumo Master. You feel the urgency and need to approach God to guide you and help you. Search for the meaning of life in you.


Maria Eugenia Piñate is an astrologer, tarot reader, numerologist, and broadcaster. Follow her on Twitter: @likelaluzdelaluna


Main image via Thinkstock. Illustrations by Vanessa Balleza. Twitter: @ballezarte

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