Horoscope For Week Of Jan. 12-18

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Patience is key for you to relative expectations this week. If you don’t get immediate results, do not abandon you ambitions. Soon, you will receive a reward, a creative project, or a personal relationship. It indicates that you should care for your spaces for greater harmony in what you intend. (Connect with the color pink).

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Follow the social structures that are in place to get what you crave, establish a business, or a relationship. It’s time to weigh your desires and to work hard to reach your goals. Allow yourself to enjoy every moment of your life. (Connect with the brown color).


You need to rest and heal. You feel overwhelmed by emotional disappointments, but it’s important for to have some moments of introspection so that you can evaluate every detail. This way, you are letting go of what’s been weighing your mind and spirit down. Remember that after the storm comes the calm. (Connect with white color).


A possible reunion with a past lover, a relationship that culminated in very bad terms will resume. You feel attracted again, but since you’re not the same, you think the relationship will come to a close definitively. Don’t close down and open your heart as you will find big surprises. (Connect with the blue color).


There is great success in your horizon, so it’s recommended you take the time to evaluate your best options and don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Playing sports will keep you alert and energetic. (Connect with amber color).


Persistence is key in reaching your financial independence. You will create scenarios to get involved in lucrative business opportunities. There will be a possible move. This year you should be more organized to bring both your finances and home in order. You’ll be needed more by your family members; relax. (Connect with the red color).


There is a lock that does not let you open the door to new opportunities. Your attempt to involve your emotions with your career life will hinder what could be a very lucrative business opportunity. Try to look on the bright side of things. A heartbreak could influence you to leave it all to chance, but trust your gut and don’t question yourself so much. (Connect with violet color).


Attractive opportunities will arise in your workplace. You think you can take on every project yourself. While you shouldn’t trust everyone, don’t be afraid to allow some people to help you. Do not overestimate your abilities. You will come across a big opportunity for love and money. (Connect with the gold).


Your fertility area is very active and you all have a high chance of pregnancy. You should take this time to talk to your partner to discuss children in your near future and establish responsibilities. You now possess a force that allows you to reach what once seemed so distant to you. There is a possible change of city for you. (Connect with turquoise).


You have a strong desire to establish a new stage in your relationship such as marriage or moving in together. However, there will be conflicting opinions in your home environment to carry out this desire. We advise you to speak as clearly as possible and show that your are set on what you want. Search support from a father figure. (Connect with the blue sky).


Enthusiasm, confidence, and support are three words that currently define what is happening to you. It’s as if you are starting a new adventure of love in your life and you are living in one of the best times of your life. However, avoid making the same relationship mistakes again by not getting involved with someone from your past. (Connect with the burgundy color).


Do not let your ego get in the way of situations that will envelop you in an aura of conflict and instability.The time has come for you to review and establish your successes and failures. Learn from your mistakes and your triumphs, so that you can find peace and fulfillment this week. (Connect with the green color).

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