Horoscope for Week of Dec. 8


This will be a week of reflection for you, dear Gemini. You will not only focus more on yourself, but you will avoid isolating yourself and not feeling melancholy by the absence of loved ones. An old love will knock on your door, so give them another chance. Take a break and don’t meet everyone you’ve scheduled to see this week. The most important thing is being you. Flower: Lily of the valley.


The air at your workplace is thick with confusion and indecision. You may feel confused and dazed by an important decision you have to take, but don’t be hasty. Think things through. Beware of infidelity in your love life. Also, do not neglect your diet. A healthy body and mind are important for the next few weeks. Flower: Water lily.

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These upcoming days are full of love for you to surrender your heart to. This will be one of the best moments of your life. It’s actually quite possible to win the heart of anyone you cross paths with. Take this astrological influence to make the best match. You will also gain recognition at work. Someone has some beautiful words for you. Flower: Sunflower.


Vigor and strength are in your favor, so feel free to take on the world. You already have the tools necessary to accomplish the goals you set out for yourself earlier this year and it’s not to late to complete them! Avoid sharing your plans with just anyone and do not trust anyone with your ideas. Watch your words; you can hurt your loved ones. Flower: Yellow roses.


You are facing a lot of pressure at work. However, the situation is not clear. You may be relying too much trust on a project that may not materialize. Be careful not to bet the all out—the foundations are not firm. Also, avoid contracts with anyone with a dubious origin. Flower: Lily.


An influential person will enter your life to give you great support and and the confidence you need to undertake your plans. Remember: Every lived experience is a great learning experience, so focus on what you want to achieve and you leave the past behind. Avoid discussing your plan with your partner and don’e be so intransigent. Flower: Orchid.


This is your month, dear Sagittarius, and it’s your time to shine! Enjoy every choice you’ve made. Strength and confidence are with you, so do not let anything or anyone change this for you. Take new challenges both in love and in the financial aspect. Get out of your comfort zone. Flower: Chrysanthemum.


You come from situations that have hit you hard and you have a strong there in you to show the world what you’ve got. You will be reborn like a phoenix. Take the time to grow as a spiritual being. You will also face doubts in love. Flower: Pansies.


There will be changes at Work. There will be an end to a cycle for you. It’s time to take your life in other directions. You’ll have some propositions that will fill you with uncertainty. It’s time to be daring. If a relationship is exhausted, it is best to turn the page. Another love will come. Flower: Carnation.


You will experience spiritual protection. Anxiety will only lead you to losing control. Avoid confrontations with peers, it’s not worth it. There are financial improvements coming, just be patient. Flower: Lotus.


The success you’ve been working toward will be assured. There will be a breakthrough in your work area and new proposals will come your way. The opportunity will also arise for you to acquire your own business. Be careful about getting your family involved. Make sure to travel in pairs. Flower: Lily of the valley.

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