Horoscope for Week of Dec. 1-7


Your feelings are a bit scrambled and you can’t seem to find a reason for how you feel. Take the time to clarify what your feelings really mean. Organization is your key word for the week. In the workplace, creativity is skin deep. You will be called to start new business strategies. Use the color red to turn the momentum.


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You feel oppressed with so many demands. Fortunately, things will slow down. You’re still waiting for some answers, but you won’t be receiving any any time soon. A trip will be postponed. You won’t find a way out for now, but try to connect with positive things. Distract yourself by learning something new or taking on a new hobby. The color white will bring you serenity.



Communication is activated. The time has come to express what you really feel. There will be infinite luck and blessings surrounding you. You will likely receive some news that will bring you to a new project. The color gold will shine and expression injected.



This will be a week of establishing who will go and who will stay in your life. You may have many doubts about love, so talk to your partner and define where your relationship is going. If you’re feeling uncertain about something, trust your gut. There will be celebrations at your workplace thanks to new economic conquests. Yellow will put you in tune with vitality.



This week is full of great prudence and reflection. Take it easy and don’t side with anyone. It’s necessary to organize your work environment. Also, learn to say no. The past will comes back to haunt you in a relationship that you will be disillusioned by, but beware: You will believe that it is something different, but it will just be your memories fooling you. The color blue will bring you calm.



You take things seriously, so you will always have a concern about something in your environment. Your economic area is affected by bad business. Get in tune with the universe for their will be the arrival of new opportunities. Lend more attention to your partner and leave your differences aside. Use purple for good luck.



Your wishes to do different activities, seek adventure, and forbidden seduction will be realized. Pay close attention to the possible consequences, because not everything is what it seems. Contacts for new business opportunities will be activated and it will be necessary to be clear from the outset. The color green will give you new hope.



A pleasant surprise will come into your life to fill you with joy and enthusiasm. You have stayed out of various situations, but this week you will become the protagonist. Do not miss out on this opportunity, covering not only the workplace, but also love. Seduction will be surrounding you. The color brown will give you stability.



Melancholy feelings for another person can take you to the arms of another. Avoid infidelity and learn to recognize your weaknesses. Sexuality traps you in a place you don’t want to be. Watch your attitude in yoour workplace—your coquetry may be frowned upon. Turquoise will bring you deep thoughts.



This week, you will feel free from moral constraints. You are more ready than ever to conquer your dreams. Watch your words; they can have a hurtful tone and push people away from you. If you are no longer in love with your partner avoid being selfish and let them go. Green will heal old wounds.



If you thought that love wasn’t for you, someone new will come into your life to show you the sublimity of romance and passion. Relinquish your fears. Rivalries will arise in your workplace. You will feel that there is no equity in the responsibilities you undertake, but you will be proven wrong. Pink will drive you to love.



Your current circumstances will favor your initiation for undertaking new projects. You’re thinking of finishing your studies or seeking training in a certain area. This is an excellent opportunity for you. Take care of your relationship and do not leave your partner aside for work commitments. Consider going on a romantic getaway. Silver will give serenity.

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