Oreo Churros Are Finally Here

Stop whatever you’re doing and head to your nearest grocery store: Oreo Churros are here!

There’s a new way to eat America’s favorite cookie: as a creme-filled, grab-and-go churro. And there are not one but TWO ways to eat the new dessert: 10” churros and smaller churro bites, which according to the press release are “ideal for at-home consumption.”

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With the addition of the Creme Filled Oreo, there are now a total of five varieties of churros. The original, non-filled churros, which were released in November 2014, are available in Traditional, Double-Twisted, and Bites. However, they were only sold at amusement parks, sports stadiums, and convenience stores. Thankfully, the bites, will be easier to track down — they’ll be available in the frozen food section and can be heated up in minutes. !Que rico¡

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